p5.humanLike() & p5.vitalEnergy()

— Reconsider the relationship between Human and technology

What if surveillance cameras were afraid to face crowds? What if robot vacuums did not navigate according to system settings?

I speculated about these possible scenarios by using imaginary p5.js functions to provoke social reflection on the relationship between nature, society, and technology.

Speculative Design, November 2022
Designer: Hui-Chun Yang

Hui-Chun Yang

p5.humanLike() & p5.vitalEnergy()
//Why do we speculate on technology in these ways?

Technology has become a threat to smart surveillance, deepfakes, and other developing areas. However, our current law, ethics, and perception of reality do not know how to deal with these emerging problems.

What if the ultimate problem is that humans treat technology the wrong way? What if technology should not merely be used to satisfy human needs? What if they worked better in cooperation with the natural environment rather than human control?

I hope to speculate on a future that could challenge anthropocentrism, inspire people to rethink our relationship with technology, and create better harmony with technology and the environment.

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