Hui-Chun Yang

The Hidden Beauty

— Raising Social Awareness Of The Marginalized Taiwanese Culture

Understanding the cultural context of where I was born is how I identify myself. It is also these cultural assets that nourish my perspective as an artist. Therefore, I care about Taiwan's traditional temple culture and try to preserve this historical significance by raising social awareness of its hidden beauty.

Graphic Design, July 2021
Designer: Hui-Chun Yang

The Parasitic Subculture

I lived above a Taiwanese temple in New Taipei City. This religion has become parasitic within cities due to urban renewal, and its cultural importance has been marginalized by the mainstream culture and younger generation.

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reveal The aesthetics

Fascinated by Fu-Lu, the Taiwanese temple amulet used to pray for good luck or to ward off evil spirits, I drew social awareness of this subculture by interpreting its elegant structure and mysterious significance.  

religious symbolism

Utilizing symbolism and iconography, I interpreted them with the cultural context to reorient people’s attitudes toward their aesthetics and cultural significance.

The Uncertainty & Diversity

I went to several local temples in Taiwan and observed the different looks of the handwritten amulets, trying to imitate the brush strokes to help me express my design ideas.

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