Hui-Chun Yang

urban peephole

Exploring The Agency Of Urban Objects

What does the postbox say? What is the bike looking at? How they interact with each other? In what form do humans exist in their world?

Sound/Video Creation, November 2022
Composer: Hui-Chun Yang
Director: Hui-Chun Yang

Objects' Secret Life

Wondering how objects feel about the city and what is the relationship between objects, I peeped into their views, opened up my perception of reality, and managed to grasp a "bit" of the object world since we never entirely, completely, or transparently reach to the real.

Human Exist In The Form Of Sound

After peeping through urban objects' lives, I was surprised to find that even in busy streets or crowded subway elevators, people never appeared in the frame. The only clues of human existence are the sounds of our conversations, footsteps and traffic.

Corresponding with Music-making

Assuming that objects experience the world and communicate through sound, I created composition to describe my feelings about these images, imagining establishing a relationship with the world of objects.

The Intertwined Urban Atmosphere

We form the urban atmospheres through the way we live, and the urban atmospheres affect the emotions we experience in the city. However, since humans are usually blind to surrounding objects, I hoped to create a visual and sound expression that invites people to start observing our surroundings, discovering the agency of urban objects, and creating urban atmospheres that care for both human and non-human.

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